Football Betting Guide: What Is A 1×2 Bet?

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New bettors can learn how to get started in sports betting. They can also explore the different markets and offers available to make money. Sports bettors must develop strategies and make assessments as they place their bets.

The 1×2 betting market in soccer betting Singapore is one of the most popular. This market is simple, making it a prevalent choice for bettors. Many professional sports bettors use the 1×2 betting market to make large winnings in their sportsbooks.

How does 1×2 bet works in sports betting?

In the game, 1, 2, or X represent the possible outcomes of a match between teams. It means that 1 stands for a home win, 2 for an away win, and 3 for a draw. This betting market is not designed to eliminate perceived differences between players or teams. Instead, it aims to show the true odds of possible outcomes.

You also win if you bet on the home win. You would lose your bet if the result were a draw (x) or an away victory (2). If you bet on an away win, the away team must win to win your bet. To win your bet, if you place a bet on a draw, you must bet that the match will end with both teams scoring similar goals or a draw.

Every match has a price. You can calculate it as follows:

Potential Return = Odds x stake

Although the concept of 1×2 betting is simple, the math involved can be complex. There will always be matches in which one team is superior to the others. The Singapore pools football betting odds of winning are less favorable for the big favorite.

Sportsbooks often adjust the betting lines until they close the bets to obtain the right amount of chances for each side. The size of the favorite or underdog team will impact the payout or profit. The payout will be lower for the favored team, while the payout will be higher for the underdog.

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