Valentines Update for Blox Fruits

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The popular online game, Blox Fruits, has recently received an update that includes several new features and changes. In this blog post, we’ll be going through the patch update notes for the game and discuss what players can expect.

The update includes a Valentine’s event that offers players bonus experience and heart tokens for playing with friends in the same server. The more friends you play with, the more bonus experience and heart tokens you’ll earn, up to a maximum of 45%. Players can exchange heart tokens for exclusive rewards at a new NPC.

The Love Fruit has been reworked, allowing players to summon their best friend to help them in battles. Additionally, players can now ride a flamingo around the map with their friends, and opponents can be temporarily made to fall in love with each attack, decreasing their damage against you. If you want to find out the value of this fruit or any other fruit, check out Blox Fruits Database, one of the best value lists for Blox Fruits.

There have also been several changes to the game, such as the name of String being changed to Spider. Mirage Island no longer requires a full moon to activate, and the detection radius for Mirage Island’s moon activation has been increased for Xbox players. Players will now receive a notification when a new skill is unlocked and a nerfed variant of Blox Fruit Dealer has been added to the Shop button, allowing for quick access to permanent fruits.

Several skills and transformations have also received updates. Awakened Buddha skills now deal more damage, Ghoul V4 now has a passive that reduces cooldown, and Mink V4 tornadoes now have increased stun and damage. V4 transformations have also had their duration and race energy gain rate decreased, and Human V4 rage meter refills have been slowed. The chance of finding a fruit on the map has been slightly increased, and Rumble’s awakened V now fires faster with reduced knockback.

Several fixes have been implemented, including a bug fix for the Phoenix transformation not going on cooldown correctly upon taking damage. Glitchy behavior on Control’s V skill has also been fixed, along with the boss from Buddha raid becoming huge. Players should also experience fewer bugs with the Sea 2 cutscene, and low-level NPCs will no longer give more transformation energy than expected.

Finally, several other bugs have been fixed, including some moves aiming in the wrong direction, Shark V4 and Buddha killing players sometimes, and players becoming invisible permanently in some instances.

In conclusion, the latest update for Blox Fruits introduces several exciting new features and changes that will enhance the gaming experience for players. Whether you’re participating in the Valentine’s event or trying out the reworked Love Fruit, there’s something for everyone in this update. So, get ready to embark on new adventures and have fun exploring the updated Blox Fruits world!