10 Ways to Spot a Counterfeit Online Casino

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Online gambling is a very popular industry, because it offers so many options to players. Not only can you play poker, but you have casinos, skill games, lotteries and sportsbetting available at your fingertips.

Unfortunately, with all this choice comes the opportunity for many rogue casinos who prey on unsuspecting and inexperienced players and scammers and fraudsters looking to make a quick buck through illicit means.

Here are ten easy ways you can spot a counterfeit website so that it doesn’t take you by surprise if you come across one of them:

Pay close attention to the website’s URL.

Many casinos have very similar URLs, so be careful! If the URL seems strange or is slightly different from all of the other casino sites you’ve seen, then it could be a fake.

Affiliates are your best friends.

If the casino has no affiliates listed on their website, chances are they’re a scam. Online casinos, like any business , rely on their customers to keep the doors open and the lights on. If they don’t have enough people coming through their site, then they’ll go out of business pretty quickly!

Check the live chat box.

Typically it will be located in some sort of bottom corner, but some casinos may have it in the middle of their homepage. If you are not able to find the chat box, or if there is no chat box at all, then it’s probably time to find a new casino.

Look at the bonus list!

If they don’t offer any bonuses or free spins, then you should run for the hills! A new casino should offer some sort of incentive to attract customers. If they are not trying to attract you with bonuses, then chances are their games are rigged or the winnings will be withheld from you somehow.

Check the license.

The first thing that needs to be checked on a website is the license! The license tells you where the online casino’s base of operations is. If they are not based in a legitimate country, then you should run for the hills before something bad happens!

No Banking Methods?

If there is no banking information on their website, or they only accept wire transfers and do not offer any type of credit card processing, then it’s time to move on! These places are typically not trustworthy and therefore would rather keep their bank information private.

Confirm the withdrawal policy. 

The second thing you should always check is the payout section of an online casino‘s website, or any other type of gambling site for that matter.

If they claim that payouts take 10-21 days, and in reality it takes well over a month for you to receive your money, then it could be a scam.

Ask yourself: “what’s the catch?”

If they offer free spins and bonuses without any wagering constraints or that require no deposit, then chances are their games are rigged and will never payout! Always look for wagering requirements on bonuses before you accept them, otherwise you will just be wasting your time.

Search for the casino online.

If you are unable to find the website after an extensive Google search, then it’s probably a fake site! Legitimate casinos should be fairly easy to find with the simple use of Google.

Check their social media accounts.

The easiest way to find out if a casino is real is to head over to their Facebook or Twitter account and see if they have any posts! If you can’t find them on social media, then chances are they’re fake!


When you’re choosing an online casino to play at, you should be well aware that not all casinos are as legitimate as they say. There are people out there who look to scam those who aren’t careful or knowledgeable about how to spot a counterfeit website and these types of things. The best thing that you can do is use your best judgment and stay cautious when looking for an online casino and not be too quick to trust anyone.