Answers To All The Common Questions A Beginner Slot Online Player Would Have

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Due to the technological revolution, the online casino was born which had changed the whole gambling world scenario. The way online casinos bring every type of casino game right at the doorstep of every player has reduced the popularity of ground casinos. The most common casino game has been the numerous varieties of agen slot games found both in offline and online casinos.

A little history of slots

An orthodox ground slot machine consists of a screen that displays more than three reels or only three in selective ones. Every reel spins when the game is started and in some modern machines, a lever is present to pull the game into action. A similar layout is used virtually for slot online games but with more graphical intelligence and design enhancements. The term ‘slot machine’ has been derived due to the presence of slots in the machines for putting in coins.

Free play at online casinos

On various agent websites that host casino games have two modes of play. The first one would be playing for fun which means the player would get the whole experience of agen slot gambling but not much of the actual money would be won by the players. Experts suggest this kind of feature is best for beginner players who do not really know the way around casino games. Many have the notion that fun play mode offers more payout to make the players deposit money but that is not the truth. The reputed ones like Microgaming, NetEnt, and yggdrasil would never pull up something like that to lure in players.  Not everything is the same in online casinos with ground casinos and that is why exploring around in the fun play mode helps players better understand their niche games.

Withdrawal fees queries

The withdrawal charges in Indonesian online casinos are really low compared to others. If a player is using the bank transfer withdrawal mode, a fee of more than five percent can be applied for the transaction. Experts always suggest choosing the withdrawal mode smartly. When using transfer mediums like, e-wallets and cryptocurrency withdrawals are sometimes so minimum that you wouldn’t even notice. On very rare occasions the fee may be one or two percent of the winnings but in most cases, it is much lower. Thus there are numerous e-wallets options available in the verified Indonesian gambling websites which are suggested to be used primely.

Requirement for receiving money

The standard requirement that most reputed online casinos demand is a verified identity account. Online casinos usually ask for a photo for any of the player’s government-approved identification cards. It can anything like a passport or a driver’s license. The online casino might also ask for a document photo that verifies the player’s address. The Player often sends a photo of a phone bill, electric bill, or any bill that notifies the address. Many times player makes a mistake of sending a bill photo which is more than three months old. Most reputed slot online hosting casinos do not accept a three months older bill.


When the basic queries of a beginner player remain clear as water, the focus on actual money gets more intense. Fewer worries about the online casinos make the players feel more comfortable and this helps in grabbing more wins through concentration.