Bet on Baccarat Online Which type gets the most money?

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Betting types Baccarat online Of each casino website There are different options for you to play. In some places there may be a variety of options to place your bets. While some games of Baccarat have a few betting methods to choose from. Although the most popular forms of betting that people play It will predict whether the player’s card or the BANKER’s card will be the winner, just that, nothing is too complicated.

But if you want to know what other prediction options are available and place the bets with the highest payout rates. You can follow and read in this article.

Prediction format Baccarat online How much is the payment rate for each type?
First of all, you should understand it is to predict the results of online baccarat สมัครบาคาร่า888. Each model has different compensation rates. And, of course, there are different opportunities for correct correct guesses For a pattern that is more likely to occur more difficult. It will have a higher rate of payment. This is different from the easy guessing of the results. Will have a lower payout rate By Baccarat prediction formats include

* BANKER * It is a prediction that the banker’s card will win, payout ratio 1: 0.95.
* PLAYER * It is a prediction that the Player’s hand will have 9 points closer to the bed than the 1: 1 payout ratio.
* TIE * Predict that both the Banker’s and the Player’s cards are equal, payout ratio 1: 8.
* BANKER PAIR * It is a bet that both the banker’s cards will be cards with the same value. Payout ratio is 1: 11.
* PLAYER PAIR * Bet on whether the player’s 2 cards are the same card, payout ratio 1: 11.
* SUPER SIX * predicts the winner’s card (Regardless of which side) is a card with a value of 6 points, which in case of winning with 2 cards has a payout ratio of 1: 12 and if it is won with 3 cards, the payout is 1: 20.
* Big * Also known as high Baccarat. It is a bet that in that turn one of the players has a third card drawn. It has a payout ratio of 1: 0.5.
* Small * or low Baccarat It is a prediction that in that turn, the winning result is determined without drawing a third card. Or is it the use of only four cards to play that eye The rate of compensation is 1: 1.5.

As I mentioned earlier, the chance to predict is right, the harder it is, the higher the compensation. So if you want to play Baccarat online That does not have to bear high risks Then choose to place a bet form BANKER, PLAYER, BIG or SMALL with a low payout rate is better. Because there is a chance that it is easy to guess correctly But if you like playing high-risk bets, the BANKER PAIR, PLAYER PAIR or SUPER SIX predictions will give you big money if you guess correctly.