Most Evident Options for bandarqq Games

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It refers to an important combination consisting of 3 cards of the same kind with a pair in the queue. The largest full is considered to consist of three aces and two kings. To determine which is the bigger of two players, the three cards are considered (3 kings with 2 jackpots is bigger than three queens with two aces).

Some Essential Options

They are not important: color combinations, their order, but only the value of the three cards of the same kind. Thus, even if you have the same card in pairs, the value of the other three will be taken into account. 

Color: is more accessible and refers to having all five cards of the same color (red heart, black heart, club, and rhombus). The one with the highest card wins, going in order until they can be drawn. If two players have identical cards, but of different colors, they share the win; color, according to some poker rules, is not a tie. 

Straight: is a sequence of 5 cards in order, regardless of their color. The one with the highest cards wins a poker game. Also, the ace can be used as a large number, after the king, but also as one for a small ace (ace, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Three of a kind: In case you have three cards of one kind, but you haven’t managed to catch a pair in a queue for a full, you have quite small poker cards, but there are still chances to win.

Poker Pairs: The hand consists of two pairs, with another card in the queue and the highest value card has priority. In poker games, the draw can be made with the fifth card in case the two pairs are identical. 

A pair: is considered a pair when you have two cards of the same suit and three different cards. For the draw in the poker rules, it is specified that the pair with the highest value is the winner, in case of a tie, the other cards you have in your hand go.

Big card: if you didn’t have a good day and you didn’t succeed in any of the above combinations, then you still have a chance to win with the biggest card.

These combinations of poker cards apply to many variants of games, including Texas poker games, which are among the most popular today. 


Whether you play bandarqq online or at the table, there is a set of 5 card poker rules, but also Texas poker rules, or other options that are attractive at the moment. 

At the end of the game, the player with the highest hand wins, according to the hierarchy presented above. You can focus on different poker strategies, and it is good to master the notions of poker combinations, in order to have the best results.


In the online environment you can find texas holdem rules, being in great demand now. Not to be overlooked is American poker 2, which can be easily found online, being one of the winning games. American poker II can also be accessed for free, with several sites that offer you the opportunity to play.