What Challenges the Poker Player Has face

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Are you passionate about heads-up Texas Hold’Em poker, and maybe you want to have a Texas-style poker duel against the computer? Mark this page, there is a free online poker player waiting for only one opponent: you.

Discover the bonuses on CheCasino

Texas Hold’Em Poker Heads Up is a very simple flash game that allows you to play heads up (ie one on one) Texas Hold’em against your computer opponent.

There are three levels of difficulty, however the artificial intelligence is lacking, and it could not be otherwise: it is not at all difficult to get the better even by setting the difficulty to the maximum.

There is an Odds Calculator which shows the poker online player, in real time, the odds of winning, drawing, and pot odds. It can be turned off, but it could be useful for learning how to evaluate the hands that occur while playing poker.

The graphics are simple, but pleasant. The sound during the game is limited to the sounds of the chips thrown on the table, while in the menus there is also a soundtrack.

Texas Hold’em Poker Heads Up turns out to be a pretty good game for a quick game in Heads Up

It is a pity for the underdeveloped artificial intelligence, which makes the game uninteresting after a few games; however Heads Up remains a very respectable free online poker game, one of the best when it comes to flash Texas Hold’em games.

Every respectable Poker Room offers Welcome Bonuses:

The amount of the bonus is often advertised on the home page.

So, is the best Poker Room the one that offers the highest bonus? It is not always said:

Let’s find out together what bonuses for Online Poker are and how they work in detail.

Type of Bonus

First of all, let’s clarify: what are defined Bonuses are actually divided into three categories: Welcome Bonus, First Reload Bonus and Loyalty Bonus.

First reload bonus

This is the most advertised type of bonus, and is awarded after a registered player has made their first top-up, or cash deposit, at the poker room.

Usually an amount in Euros is highlighted, which corresponds to the maximum bonus that can be obtained.

In reality, however, the percentage of the idn poker bonus is more important, it is the multiplier that is applied to the amount of the first reload, and which determines the convenience of the bonus itself.

What the Real Solution Is

If it sounds difficult, let’s try some examples, a 100% bonus means that for every € 10 paid, we will get € 10 bonus. A 200% bonus actually doubles the first top-up: for every € 100 paid, we will get € 200 bonus (up to the maximum allowed).