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This arbitrage scheme wins at any result, but is lost at the score of 1-0 or 0-1. So you have to analyze the match, if you score goals to make a profit. At 4-6 goals the profit is high. You don’t have to bet on matches where there are usually few goals because you can lose with a score of 1-0 and 0-

We are looking for betting agencies that offer odds of over 2.10 to bet over 2.5 goals. In these conditions, another 토토 사이트 bet is placed, namely total goals, they seem to be at 1.90, fixed. It is won if the score is not 1-0 or 0-1.

High odds, low stakes – Trivale’s strategy

Such a scheme is used mainly by people who bet at betting agencies (neighborhood) or by people who want to bet small amounts of money. Of course they are looking to win and they want very good tickets, big odds. For this strategy, the bank is of at least 14 units, and it is preferable for the agency to offer a Bet (i.e. a percentage of 10-15% of the winnings if you win a single match and follow certain rules).

How to make: 7 tickets of 2 RON are placed on 6 soloists; the odds must be quite high, between 1.30-1.60, so there should be no odds less than 1.30; the odds will be high on each of the 7 tickets; there will be 5 doubles and 7 variants.

The doubles are: 1 and X and refer to tennis sets, number of goals and so on. On the 7 tickets will be played:

  • 1x1x1
  • X1X1X
  • 1111X
  • XXX11
  • X1XX1
  • X1111
  • 11×11

If you win 6 soloists there is a 22% chance to win 5 doubles. In this case you can earn thousands of lei. There is also a 78% chance to win 4 doubles out of 5. In this case you can win an amount of 30-300 lei. Of course, the winnings largely depend on the offer of the organizer from the sports betting agency. 

Final Conclusions Online Betting Schemes

These are just some of the most popular strategies invented by users of the Betting site community. If you want to access the topics of each strategy, to see other game systems, or to present your own betting strategy, then I invite you to enter the Betting site discussion forum and access the “Sports Betting Strategies” section. 


And if you want to discover the most popular strategies for sports betting and gambling worldwide, or you are looking for more detailed articles on gaming systems, then you can find at the top of this article some useful links.