Perfect Graph Game Choices for You Now

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If it’s the 11th time this week you’ve stepped on a Graph Game, maybe it’s time to find a suitable storage solution. Today we’re exploring ideas and tips for storing Graph Games.

The best ideas for storing Graph Games

In this article, you will find tips, advice, DIY and smart shopping, as well as the best ideas unearthed on the net for storing Graph games in the children’s room.

Graph Game tables are all the rage in the DIY world. Relatively simple to manufacture, inexpensive and above all super practical, they offer a play area combined with smart storage. You can visit for the proper solutions in this case.

A DIY table with IKEA Trofast furniture

This Graph Game storage table is made from an IKEA “Trofast” cabinet. Very functional, it offers storage bins that allow you to organize Graph Games by category.

The top of the table offers a play area for children. For this, you just need to buy a Graph game plate, available on amazon. There is a DIY for the little ones that parents will love.

Another idea with an IKEA table

Above is another storage idea for Graph Games that also uses an IKEA Trofast table. The concept is the same as the previous table, but the design is different. You can find these red and green Graphgame plates on amazon.

A hybrid table to make yourself

Do you want to make a storage table for그래프사이트 yourself? The tutorial is available in the photo link to reproduce this DIY at home. There is a “hybrid” table that offers practical storage as well as a play area for children and their toys. The plates are available on amazon.

A large table with storage bins

If your children have space in their room, this large table offers many storage bins as well as a very large play surface that should delight the little ones.

A coffee table recycled as a piece of furniture

There is a coffee table on legs for storing Graph games in an organized way. This piece of furniture also offers children a nice play area. The bins are given a makeover with Graph game head stickers.

A DIY dresser

Above, there is a very nice creation of a DIY dresser for storing and organizing Graph Games. Small super original detail, the handles of this piece of furniture are also in Graph Game. We of course love its very colorful look, reminiscent of the Graph Game universe.

Transparent storage boxes

Transparent storage boxes for Graph games, positioned between the spaces of this coffee table. A circuit is installed on the top of the cabinet. To reproduce this storage at home, you just need an IKEA Lack coffee table, Graph game road signs and plastic storage boxes (choose suitable size).

A discreet storage table

If your kids love to play Graph games in the living room, this coffee table is perfect. Indeed, this piece of furniture is discreet but remains very practical for storing figurines and accessories. You can therefore place it in the living room without contrasting too much with the style of this room.