Poker on the internet

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With the coming era of the internet, since everything is done online, then why not gamble online? Yes, poker can be played online too, like a mobile game with a simple download. is one of the leading and most popular online gaming platforms for playing poker. It is as simple as playing a car-racing game on a smartphone.

It was brought into existence in the 90s and has been gaining popularity year after year and attracting millions of players online.

It is like entertainment. It is like playing your favourite game online and making money out of it. How cool is that?

Why is it so popular?

Who doesn’t love some extra income? Pretty much everyone. Being a no brainer, it adds an advantage to it and makes its users happy and satisfied.

It is just plain fun. As we grow and become adults, the fun factor keeps on reducing year by year due to added responsibilities and stress. With managing the whole family to earning money, the person hardly gets time to make themselves happy for a while or feel young and free.

Playing online poker makes them feel young and free again making the reminisce over the good old days they had of their childhood.

Also, the level of entertainment while playing a real-life poker and online poker is very different. Let’s say you had had two aces in your hand, but you still lost the bet and lost the money. Now, this loss might stop you from coming back to a casino arena, but with online poker even if you lose, you still want to keep coming back because of its ability to be played on-the-go. Also, there is an added level of confidence when you play alone.

Types of online poker:

  1. TEXAS HOLD’em
  4. RAZZ
  6. 2-7 TRIPLE DRAW

There are other several types of online poker that are played across the world. All these types of poker are super easy to learn and play. One might start playing from scratch within 5 minutes of reading instructions or some online learning.

This popular game was started in the early 1800s in America and was known as “poque” back then. It is considered as elite game as it is generally played by the wealthy population of the world. But with the coming of online poker, this line of difference has been eliminated.

Now, people can gamble with even minimal amounts according to their spending limit and can still earn a decent amount back.

This turned out to be an ethical aspect of online poker. No one should be judged for their financial status or the status of the family they are born in. Rich or poor, we are all born the same and will die the same. We enter empty-handed; we go empty-handed. So, no one possibly has the right to judge anyone. Everyone is free to their own will.