Win card games and earn money by using simple cheating devices

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With the current lockdown situation in place, it is highly unlikely that the casino business will be opening any time soon. Thus most people across the globe have taken it on themselves to play regular casino card games in their homes with their close friends and family. And to make things more exciting money is also placed on the tables. And with the current status of the economy and job prospects, it can never hurt to win some money from these games. But to make sure that you win all these games you might need help from outside. This is to say that there are many cheating devices that can help you win money as well as win these card games. These cheating devices are not very expensive and usually go unnoticed by other players on the board. One of the most prominent and useful equipments that you can use in these games is remote control dice.

What is remote control dice? And how do they work?

Now as the name remote control dice may suggest the working is exactly as it is stated in the name. Many card games cheating devices manufacturers are now manufacturing remote control dice. Remote control dice actually have two types of electrodes placed on different sides of the dice. Thus three sides on a dive is a negative electrode and three sides are positive electrode. Now the mat on which the dice is to be roles is actually a magnetic field. And lastly, the remote control has two buttons one for a positive response and one for a negative response. By pressing one of the buttons like for example, if you press the positive electrode button then the dice positive response will be given out by the dice. Thus the whole set-up requires three different equipment. Now the best advantage of this cheating setup are that the weight of the tampered dice is the same as that of a regular dice. On the other hand, you may send your own regular dice and get it converted into a remote control dice. And lastly, two dices can be controlled by one single remote control as well.

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