7 Ways to Spot a No-Deposit Bonus Scam

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No-deposit bonuses are usually offered by the casino to new players. This means that you do not have to deposit any money into your account to be able to receive this bonus. These types of bonuses are also referred to as a “Welcome Bonus” or a “Sign Up Bonus.”

To receive these types of bonuses, you usually have to sign up as a new player and enter a valid amount as your “first deposit.” In other words, the bonus should be larger than the money that you deposited yourself.

The offers are typically for bonuses of several hundred to sometimes even several thousand dollars, often for a very short term period, such as 30 days. What’s more is that the “no-deposit” offers are only available to players who have never deposited on that particular site before.

Not surprisingly, these offers are almost always scams of some variety. For example, the scam might be simply taking your money without giving you any bonus, requiring you to deposit before receiving your winnings, or it might be as elaborate as requiring you to give them access to your account and stealing all of the funds.

In order to spot a no-deposit bonus casino scam, here are seven simple tips that should help out:

The offer seems “too good to be true.”

The first thing you should always ask yourself before accepting any bonus or offer is simply, “Why would they give me money?” This question applies to every offer, including no-deposit offers.

With a no-deposit bonus offer, the short answer is that they’re going to take your money some other way. A bonus should be an added incentive on top of your already good hourly earnings while playing poker online, not a substitute for them.

The website or organization has a poor history of honoring their bonuses.

The second thing you should always check is whether or not this same website or organization has a reputation for honouring their bonuses. If they have a bad reputation, proceed with extreme caution.

The majority of the best online casino Singapore-based sites offer legit bonuses to new players. But, if the website or organization has a bad reputation, it’s very likely they aren’t going to give you your bonus.

The offer specifically states that no previous depositing is required.

One of the most common ways to scam players is by requiring them to make a deposit in order to get their winnings. If the offer specifically states that no previous depositing is required, then it likely is a scam.

The terms and conditions on the website or organization’s FAQ page do not explain how to claim the bonus.

This one should be pretty obvious. If the website FAQ does not explain how to claim your bonus, email customer service and ask them how to claim it. If they don’t respond, be very suspicious.

The offer is only available for a very short time period.

One of the most common ways scammers operate is by requiring their victims to accept and receive their bonus quickly in order to withdraw or forfeit it quickly. This means that if you can’t claim the bonus immediately, it’s a sign of a scam.

Unrealistic game-play screenshots on the website?

The images displayed at the best online casino Singapore-based sites have plausible quality, but this is not always the case with every new site that appears out of nowhere. If you find yourself unsure about whether or not an image has been edited or photoshopped, you should be wary of investing your money in an online casino.

The website displays ads with fake testimonials.

Another common trait of a scam is that it displays fake testimonials from people who don’t exist. If the website displays fake testimonials, be extremely cautious.


Traditionally, when people think of online casinos, they think about two basic things: how to play casino games online for real money and where to get no-deposit bonuses. But it turns out that there are more options available than the ones offered by the most popular sites. With so many new online casinos coming up every day, some unethical ones can slip through the cracks and scam new customers.

If you are looking to enjoy the thrills of online gambling but don’t want to waste your money on sites that might not be trustworthy, you should learn how to distinguish between good and bad. Most no-deposit casinos are not scams, but fake “promotions” do exist, and it is your job to avoid them.