Best Use of the Micro-Stakes for You

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Poker: Want to Win? Here We Go

Micro-stakes on the Internet usually include cash games with stakes. Surely if you go through all the poker forums, you will find a bunch of people who cry that micro stakes cannot be beaten. They argue that most players at these limits are not playing poker, but the lottery, that is, they rely mainly on luck. And due to the fact that too many players float into the bank, trying to draw their cards, this “luck” strangles normal players, not allowing them to beat these limits.

Micro-stakes play great, provided you use the right poker strategy

Let me first state that such conclusions, while there is a tiny grain of truth in them, are very far from the truth. With so many players pulling their draws off odds and calling huge preflop raises with marginal hands, how can you avoid hitting micro stakes after all this?

Below are some basic tips for playing at micro stakes, so make sure you read them before you start playing.

Don’t try to outplay your opponents

When you sit down at a table, you may think that you are the best player at that table. But excessive audacity at the micro stakes can lead to dire consequences. If you try to steal the pot from your opponents by faking a set and suddenly find themselves calling you with bottom pair until showdown, you will only blame yourself.

Remember that you are playing poker to win as much money as possible, not as many pots as possible. In terms of levels of thinking, players at these limits will generally be at the first level (at best, at the second). And you only need to play one level higher to beat them. Visit  for the most important options.

Micro stakes like to pull draws

Micro-stakes players have a poor understanding of the game. So don’t be surprised if you see someone calling your two-pot overbet with a straight or flush draw, as players at these limits have most likely never heard of pot odds.

Remember that if your opponent is calling you out of odds trying to hit a draw, then this is great for you, as you will win over the course of the day. Just make sure you bet enough multi-way pot (if you have a strong hand) to give all the players in the pot a bad chance of calling.

Buy to the maximum and don’t be afraid to lose

Due to the looseness of the micro-stakes play, you can see how opponents will call shoves with all types of made hands, as well as draws. If you sit down at a table full of stacks, then you will create yourself a great opportunity to win more money.


If you decide to go all-in, make sure you have the best hand most often. Just remember that you will rarely have 100% equity on the flop to win, so you won’t win every hand, even as the favorite. But if you still have the best chances of winning, don’t be afraid to shove your entire stack into the center of the table (assuming you have a normal bankroll).