Can You Put Your Trust In Online Casinos?

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Gambling is all about calculated chances, so you don’t want to take any unnecessary risks by playing at a casino that would either trick you out of your winnings or refuse to let you win at all.

Any gamblers believe that all online casinos are rigged, claiming that “impossible” events occur far too often to be entirely accidental.

This viewpoint is widely held, and it strikes those of us in the industry as strange when we know the reverse is true – at the very least, online casinos are as fair as real-world casinos.

However, as the following article aims to demonstrate, online casino gaming targets its popularity.

Do online casinos deceive their customers?

In a nutshell, no!

However, there is a widespread belief that they do. This is attributable to three basic reasons, which we will discuss more below.

What makes online casino gambling different from gambling in a real casino?

The frequency at which games are played

You will play at your own tempo, one of the major benefits of online gambling in Singapore. Since you’re competing against your own casino, you won’t have to wait for anyone to put their bets or get paid out. Since there are no actual chips, cards, or balls, there is no need to ‘clear up’ between games. The dice are still about to be thrown, the cards are played faster, and the Roulette wheel spins faster.

As a result, you can play many more games every hour online than you can in a traditional casino.

However, there is a drawback to this. Unusual incidents will happen much more often than they would in a typical casino. In terms of elapsed time, not a probability.

In Roulette, for example, the chance of having six consecutive blacks is around 1 in 64.

Since it will take two minutes between wheel spins in a real casino, this occurrence will only happen once every two hours or so (2 x 64 = 128 minutes). When you play online, you can spin three times a minute or 180 times per hour. Every 20 minutes, the improbable case of 6 consecutive blacks happens (180 / 64 = 21.33).

The likelihood is the same in all cases, but when playing online, it tends that an odd occurrence happens six times more often, causing players to conclude that the online casino is rigged.

It’s a reasonable assumption, but it’s a difficult one to overcome. Players don’t normally research probability; instead, they intuitively understand how often outcomes occur. They are wary about something out of the ordinary.

However, we will guarantee you that the random number generators used by online casinos are entirely random and are continuously checked and modified to ensure that the outcomes they deliver are as ‘normal as possible.

Playing by yourself

As previously said, when you play online, you are playing by yourself. This offers you a lot of flexibility, but there’s a psychological impact to remember as well.

Let’s imagine you’re playing Blackjack with four other people at a real casino table, and you’ve had a poor luck run and have lost ten hands in a row. It’s very doubtful that anyone at your table has the same bad luck as you; the chances are that one or two of your table members will win any of those hands.

You will see people winning even though you’re losing because you know the casino is trustworthy.

You’re just concerned about your own outcomes while you’re online. Since no one else seems to be winning or, most specifically, the casino seems to be failing, those ten losing hands seem to be improbable.

Reputations from the past

The prevalence of online gambling and online slots has exploded. It felt like a different frontier at times. However, as in any modern company, it drew some shady characters and legitimate operators.

Everyone interested in online casino gaming must admit that some casinos cheated in the beginning. It’s a sad fact that, for many years, it did little to increase players’ confidence in online casinos’ integrity.

Things have, thankfully, improved. The online casino industry is one of the most heavily regulated sectors in the world. Most such ‘rogue’ casinos have been shut down, with various business watchdogs naming, shaming, and blacklisting them.

These industry ombudsmen exist to protect the industry’s reputation for honesty and dependability, and they will investigate and settle any player conflicts. As long as you play at a licensed casino site, you will be safe from any wrongdoing.