Characteristics of poker chips: yes, they are important

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Do you need to buy a few or many idn poker chips online at affordable prices to play at home? We will give you the primary characteristics you should look out for before buying certain chips. Your choice of which chips to buy will depend a lot on the type of game you like the most, what material you think is best and how much you are willing to spend as there are low and high quality chips that end up varying a lot in price. The first tip we will give you is that do a good search on the internet for the best deals on chips with the characteristics you want.

How to Read Poker Tells of Card Players

Printed information

It is one of the top choices when purchasing tokens online. The information the tokens contain can change the way the tokens are used. There are two options, cards with no information, and cards with values ​​printed on them. It changes everything because not having the value of the chips printed on them gives players the most freedom, as it allows them to determine the values ​​of the chips if they want to play with higher or lower stakes. With chips having a certain amount, it is not possible and the matches are limited to the existing values.

Colors of the poker chips

For those who have had the opportunity to see some poker chips know that colors is a striking part of their characteristics. The variations between green, red, black and many others bring a more fun and relaxed feel to the game. There are the most common colors, which are the most used in tournaments. They offer the advantage that players memorize their values ​​and thus their manipulation within the game becomes more practical.


Because there are many varieties of chips, there is also a good range in their prices, which are mainly affected by the material the chip is made from.

Plastic poker chips

Plastic chips are usually the cheapest, especially because of the large offer of this material and the greater ease of production. This type of poker chip tends to be lighter and has a longer durability, as it does not break or dent.

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Clay poker chips

Clay chips have a better design than plastic ones, and are often tailor-made for buyers. They were quite common in the 19th century in bars and lounges. Clay poker chips vary in weight between 320 and 380 grams and because they are lighter and smoother, they make the game more dynamic.

Metal poker chips

You will also find these chips under the name ‘Clay Composite’, which are metal poker chips. They weigh on average 11.5 grams and are a little harder to find. They are the most common in gaming houses as they guarantee durability.


Now that you know the type of idnpoker online chips available, always remember to split the chips thinking about the number of players, how long they want to play games and what types of tournaments they want to play. If you pay attention to all this, you will undoubtedly make a great home tournament.