– 4 strategies to keep you unbeaten with the South Forward card game

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These South Forward strategies are very useful in many situations when playing online. Not only does it give you the chance to finish first, but it also defends you from getting three spades and calculates the cards of the person in question.

  • Tactic robbery

Stealing is a form in which you get the next turn by overpowering the previous opponent or bad luck during the new deal. Always think of stealing as it allows you to throw away junk cards that are unrelated to a row or pig, the other is likely to get you first place in the blink of an eye when a good hand is available.

The most common idea here is using high cards from J to 2 in which the most important point is 2. Unless the opponent has three pairs in a row, there’s no great chance of it happening. Next, you use the high “sảnh” or the middle “sảnh” to go first. Then, it happens that you have pairs of cards or trash cards but don’t include 2. Using the first pair and then the trash. Or if you still have 2, then you can play the mid-range trash and continue over 2. And if you are lucky, you can end the hand or at least, you are able to end without 2 or more rows.

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  • Memory strategy

When playing the South Forward game card, players will not be able to see the cards already on the table. Because after each turn, it will be turned face down. It is difficult to remember all the cards that are played, but it is possible to remember the cards J through 2.

It will generate instances but will not see a straight-set of cards from J to 2 or more, there is a high chance that there is a chauffeur or a 3-duo hopper. Therefore, the launch of 2 is extremely risky and incapable of blocking.

Remembering cards is a must in South Forward and can help you figure out which card to play first. Should keep the big junk, big pair, or have to give away early to reduce the number of cards.

  • Post strategy

Article cards are a method of choosing to follow or fold to get a certain advantage. With South Forward, there is always a general rule that it is better for the person who goes first to have something than the one who comes after us. Because if the latter gets the one, you will be the one to hit last and lose your first bounce advantage.

However, a special case is against putting 3 – spade. That is when you remember that no trash cards or rows are containing 3 – spade, then there is maybe that the opponent is pinning 3 – spade at the end. At that time, it was imperative to pump cards back to the latter. Otherwise the whole village could be penalized. Usually, the 3-spade type is 2 – heart with 1 big row or three pairs in a row. For example: out 2 first, three pairs in a row and put 3 – spade or big row first, 2 then 3 – spade.

In the case of inserting the above 3 – spade, the person who is in front of us should play the cards, we should not put in so that the next person will come back or if it is our turn, try to go out of the row, play the smallest card for the next person to return.

  • The strategy of fast calculation, discarding the big card

Up to half of a player’s game is in bad hands. So, instead of calculating how to finish first, or calculating not letting pig rot, line with the least number of cards in hand.

Usually, after 2 rounds of trash cards, the whole village will almost only have pairs or 2, and the pairs in a row. Therefore, extreme caution must be exercised at this stage. With a bad card, you shouldn’t be playing cards and playing small rows. Use large rows to discard as many cards as possible. For a card with more than half of the cards from J to A, when someone threw the trash, immediately cut 2 and made a small card for the whole village to fight. Then, when it comes to the stage of the village to attack with a pair,…, this may be an opportunity for you to block the cards early or at least, you can reduce the amount of the cards.

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