Slot Volatility – High to low

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Every player wants to get accustomed to some tips and tricks which would enhance their winning possibility. Some players pay attention to RTP (return to player), while other study slot volatility. There are tools to measure a return from slot machines, but the volatility of slot machines differs to a great extent from each other. Let`s peep into major types of slot volatility. The term slot volatility defines the performance of a specific slot machine land-based or digital during the gameplay. The slot volatility tells you how often you can expect a win, the amount of the prize money, and the risk-reward ratio.

Dependent on the RNG

EZ Slot has favorablevolatility metrics that enhance your winning possibility. There are three main types of slot volatility; high, medium, and low variance games. Further studies divide it into five categories; high, medium-high, medium, low-medium, and low. The slot variance of both territorial and online is exclusively dependent on the RNG (random number generator). Software vendors and casino houses do not reveal this information, so if you want to gauge the variance of a slot machine, you will have to do it yourself. If you are betting on a slot machine with a mammoth jackpot but unable to hit the winning combination, you are playing with high variance game.

If you want to prolong the gaming session, choose slot machines with lower risk. On the other hand, if you are a high roller, look for high to medium slot machines. The risks in these machines are high, but the reward is equally gratifying. 

The pay lines and pay table

Theoretically, you can measure slot variance or volatility if you identify symbol permutation and odds. But in reality, it is not possible as the algorithm to define slot variance is complex. Irrespective of wins and loss every slot machine has a unique volatility index that defines the volatility of the machine, which is not disclosed publicly. The volatility index is a cumulative sum of every possible mishmash. Expressing slot volatility is not an easy job, as many factors are needed to be considered. The pay lines and paytable give a glimpse of the variance; if five matching signs pay out considerably more, it is assumed to be high variance. A huge jackpot is also another indicator of the high variance slot machine.

Gush of excitement

If you love gush of excitement, then the high variance is a perfect choice. Although there are few payouts, once it is generated, it is significant. A high variance slot comes with more bonus features; before indulging in a high variance slot machine, plan your budget and time meticulously and with the proper mindset. In these slot games, there is plenty of volatility and emotions. If you are vulnerable to it, then it is not your cup of tea.

Fun over risk

In EZ Slot, you will find all sorts of slot volatility; choose the one that fits your temperament and risk appetite. Along with high variance, you can enjoy low variance games where payouts are more frequent in moderate amounts. If you are trying slot games for the first time, these low variance games encourage the voyage. Also, it is more popular among online bettors, those who prefer fun over fathomless risk.