Smart Betting and the Sports for You

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The skills of coaches should never be underestimated and even the worst team can get far with a good coach. The importance of the coach is especially emphasized in football. Football is a very tactical sport and the right coach and style of play a big role in the expected values ​​of goals, for example. For 토토 사이트 the following matters are very important.

The Right Example

An excellent example of the coach’s importance is the 2016 European Championship qualifiers as well as the European Championship final tournament, where little Iceland surprised everyone with their great game. The Icelandic game was a tight defense and the goal points came from counterattacks as well as long side boundaries. This style of play was created by the excellent Swedish coach Lars Lagerbäck. Many who watched the Icelandic games did well by betting.

Another example of the coach’s influence is the German Jürgen Klopp, whose style of play is very offensive, leaving gaps in the defense as well, so in these games the expectation value of goals is always high. When betting, you should always know the style of play of that coach. Knowledge of the style of play makes it easier to assess the expected value of goals and the outcome of that match.

Field and weather conditions

The sports field and weather conditions also affect the results of the matches. In hockey, one team’s home pitch may be smaller than others, so they know how to make better use of the small space in their home games.

In tennis, the importance of the playing field is emphasized, as some players are good at playing on the mass court and some on the grass field.

Weather conditions, on the other hand, can have a significant impact on football matches. In rainy weather, the expected value of the goals decreases, as the ball moves much slower on the wet field. Wet ball control can also cause inconvenience to players. Rainfall is a good thing to consider, for example, in live betting.

Never play more than two items at once

The best way to make money betting is to play one or two items at a time. The probability of winning always decreases the more targets there are on the betting slip, as there will never be that “sure” bet. Sure, high odds are sure to appeal, but hitting six, eight, or ten targets is highly unlikely. Of course, these big “trucks” make a lot of money when they hit, but in the long run it’s better to place bets on only one or two targets with odds between 2 and 5.

Cash register management

Betting bankroll

Winning betting requires very long-term work and it also requires managing your own bankroll. When playing at Satanen’s bankroll, you should never bet more than about 5 euros a day. The good rule of thumb is to bet only 5% of your bankroll on the day’s bets.