Surebet and Valuebets for Your Delight

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These are the preferred bets for punters, and the ones where the odds are on average the highest. Of course the consequence is that the odds are on average lower on other sports and on other types of bet. In Kings Casino you can now make use of the 카지노가입쿠폰 and bet accordingly.

What is a surebet?

A surebet is a bet that wins regardless of the outcome of the match. Of course this remains theoretical because in practice, it is difficult to find a surebet.

To hope to find a surebet, you must be registered with several bookmakers. Here is an example of a surebet, so that you understand what it is.

Here the highest odds (therefore those that we will take into account), are those which are in bold. The surebet calculation is as follows: 1 / 1.9 + 1 / 3.4 + 1/6 = 0.987 <1.

As the result is less than 1, there is indeed a surebet

Be aware, however, that surebets are not the miracle method that some people want to sell you. Clearly in France, it is impossible (or almost impossible) for you to bet on surebets.

Indeed on bookmakers, the odds are on average much lower than abroad. Likewise, online betting sites often offer fairly similar odds, so you will have great difficulty finding surebets.

If you want to win at sports betting, you need to learn how to bet on valuebets. That’s good, since that’s what we’ll talk about in the next chapter.

What is a valuebet?

A valuebet is a bet that you consider overpriced by the bookmaker, it is in a way a “good move”. And to find valuebets there is no secret, you will have to analyze the match on which you want to bet.

  • Learning to bet also means knowing how to correctly analyze a meeting. And you will see that to get there, there is nothing rocket science.
  • You simply have to focus on a few elements surrounding the meeting: first and foremost the statistics. Indeed, before placing a bet on a bet, it is important to consult the statistics that are relevant to your bet.
  • Bookmakers always offer some basic statistics for your bets: ranking, latest results, history of confrontations. But often these few data are not enough, you will have to consult a site specializing in statistics.
  • This type of site exists for all sports (or almost), for football a site like soccerstats acts as a reference. Especially on this type of site you find statistics suitable for all types of sports betting available.

So on this site you will have stats on the different overs / under, on half-time bets, or even “both teams to score” bets etc. This type of site is really a great help in building your sports betting analyzes. To succeed in your analysis, you must also follow the news around the meeting on which you want to bet. This means following the news of sport, teams (or players), and knowing the weather.