The Recent Developments in Sports Betting for You

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Undoubtedly, the coronavirus pandemic has had serious consequences on the economy of all countries in the world, something that can be seen reflected in the large decline in consumption. Despite this drop, Internet consumption has increased considerably, since for more than three months, users have been forced to use the online method.

  • In this sense, a large number of sectors have decided to make the definitive leap to the Internet, since the Internet offers enormous advantages to businesses. A clear example of this fact can be found in online betting houses , which have played a very important role during the period of confinement and is that thanks to them, people could continue betting from home.

But the benefits of the betting house sector go much further, as this industry currently has a great impact on the Spanish economy. According to the latest data from the public administration, the gaming sector represents 0.9% of GDP. In addition, this industry generates more than 85,000 jobs in the country, which is why it has become a very relevant sector. As you make a visit to you can learn more about the same.

Evolution of bookmakers

As mentioned above, in recent months, digital consumption has grown exponentially in all countries of the world. Given the current crisis situation generated by COVID-19, finance experts predict a great future for online businesses, since they can become the best tool to reactivate the economy. Within these businesses, it is convenient to highlight online betting.

  • And is that the gaming industry has not stopped growing in recent years, especially since most sportsbooks have implemented the digital method. Almost a decade ago, the Government of Spain chose to regulate the gaming sector, in order to organize it and obtain the corresponding taxes. Thanks to this intervention, the gaming industry has a significant impact on the state coffers.
  • However, the rise of bookmakers has increased as a result of the Internet, since according to the data provided by the DGOJ -General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling-, 2019 ended with more than 1.3 million player’s assets. This means that Spain has one of the highest volumes of Internet gaming in the world.

Sports betting, a form of gambling that continues to grow

Within the online betting house sector, users can enjoy different types of games, among which sports bets stand out. And it is that Spain is a country where sport rules, so it is not surprising that more and more people have become fond of these bets. Without a doubt, soccer is one of the sports that receives the most bets, but it is not the only modality that stands out.


For example, many users prefer to bet on other sports such as basketball, tennis, cycling, golf, Formula 1, handball, baseball, boxing, ice hockey or greyhound racing. The range of possibilities is very broad, so that people can place bets on a multitude of sports activities.


The data does not lie, and according to the DGOJ – General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling – online gambling moves more than 20,000 million euros a year. This is a figure that has a huge economic impact on GDP, since currently, the gaming industry accounts for 0.9% of this measure of the country’s value. For this reason, the world of online gambling is helping to boost the Spanish economy.