The success in the dice Gambling for You

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Dice is possibly the most fun and addictive game played with just two dice. This type of dice game is called “craps”, and the same name applies to a losing roll.


The player who use to throw the dice starts the game with at least the minimum bet on the Don’t Pass or Pass Line. He then rolls two dice, which must hit the opposite side of the table before taking the final position (in online Dice or mobile dice, these actions are simulated on the screen).

Each round is divided into two parts (rolls): Come Out and Point. The round begins with the Come Out roll. If the Come Roll ends with Dice (2, 3 or 12), all players lose their Pass Line bets. If the roll ends with “natural” (7 or 11), all Pass Line bets win. If any other number falls out (4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10), this number becomes a “point” and the second stage of the round begins.

The dice table is divided into three main parts: the center, where all the “hard bets” are located (bets on one roll with high odds and house edge, as well as hardway bets), and the edges of the table, where Pass bets are placed. Pass, Come, Don’t Come, Odds, Place and Field.


Dice is a difficult game, and therefore there are a great many strategies for intermediate and experienced players. If you are new to dadu online uangasli, your best bet is to learn a few beginner strategies that will make you feel comfortable placing small bets.

The simplest Dice bet is the Pass Line bet during the first half of each round. There are three possible outcomes here: you win with natural (7 or 11), lose with Dice (2, 3, 12), or you win twice with a point (any other number) and it is rolled again before being thrown number 7.

One of the popular strategies for novices is to alternate the Pass Line bet along with a sequence of Come Line bets as per the following scheme: 1. Pass Line betting; 2. Shooter rolls the dice; 3. Single or double odds; 4. Come Line Bet. 5. Shooter rolls the dice. 6. Repeat steps 3-4. 7. Shooter rolls the dice.