What is bonus buy slots, and how are feature slots engaging?

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In this article, we will discuss about the bonus buy slots is and why are feature slots so engaging. Also, we will discuss which are the game that allows this bonus buy feature in them.

What are the bonus buy slots?

These are likewise named buy-in slots or purchase slots which allow you to purchase your way into a bonus round. This is a very good and unique feature and is very useful if you are playing in a highly volatile slot game with many people. It is not an important thing to buy as you can play without this, but people buy it to earn money.

The cost of the buy-in will depend on the game which you are playing and keeps on increasing after every round of that game. There are certain rules and regulation of the casino’s bonus and other feature which you have to keep in mind while gambling. Otherwise, all the money that you have earned through bonuses will be taken away by the casino for not following the rules and regulations.

This is why when you use a bonus buy round. You have to make sure that you use it so that your winning is less than the rules amount. You can also find this feature on slot online Menang Judi, the only online gambling site that you will find in Asia.

Why are feature buy slots attractive?

This is a feature that is best for those players who have to forcefully close down their session with a boosted payout when they leave. It is a unique game feature made by Big Time Gaming where players can activate bonus rounds without landing on any bonus symbols. You can play the game you are playing, and if you want, then you can buy this bonus round feature anytime you want, but the price will keep on changing.

This feature attracts a lot of people as they want to leave in a hurry, and they also want to end their game with huge winnings with them. After the release of this kind of slot, there have been many new games made with different kinds of bonus features.

Which are the games offering this feature?

Given below is the list of some game that offers this feature in them.

  •  Extra chili Megaway

This is a game that was made by Big Time Gaming and was released in the year 2018 and was made with bonus features. In this game, the player could either buy the bonus round feature, or they can simply play and win the bonus round feature. In this feature, you can do slot spins for free, and if you win, you can make a lot of money from it.

  •  Viking unleashed Megaway

This is a game that was made by the software provided by Megaway and had a different kind of twist and turns inside of it. Here you can either get free bonus spins, free multipliers, or even free prizes to the person who gets this bonus buy feature.