Win Some Extra Money With Joker388

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Joker 388 is an online casino game that is played by gamblers to entertain themselves. Thisslot joker 123is preferred by gamblers as this is not any typical slot game but has special features. Gamers who look for interesting games always look out for Joker388.

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Features of joker388

To attract more gamblers, Motobola, or any other gambling sites offer certain features. These features are not typical of the game but some added benefits given by the sites like bonuses and extra. The sole purpose of introducing these is to increase the traffic on their site and make some money through entertaining gamblers. But, some of the inbuilt features of slot joker123 the game itself are as attractive as bonuses given by the sites.

Some of the special cards or features of this game are:

Wild card

Wild Card in Joker is the topmost ranked card and is sought after by most players. Once you have the card in your hand, then there’s no stopping you from winning the pot. This card is called a wild card as it gives you the opportunity to turn the tables. Be very confident and methodical while playing with this one.

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Doubling feature

Doubling Feature is not related to card tricks. It is a feature that a player can only avail when he has successfully won the pot. If you are playing for doubling your money, you’d surely love this feature. After winning, the player has a choice of whether to collect all the cash and leave the site or to continue and double his amount. Whatever you chose, is logical, only if you are willing to take the risk, then only opt for this feature. This is a very risky decision as you may either win or lose all your money, including the winning amount of the previous game. So, think before you take any step.


If you don’t want to put all your winning money on the bet, but still want to play the doubles, you can click on ‘play double half’ option. These options will come on your screen once you have won the game and are about to leave the site. Once you have selected your preferred option, the screen will show the possible amount that can be won. Now, you are just another click away from starting another round of Joker388. The dealer will be dealt a card face-up. Once you have entered the playroom, the dealer will have four faces up cards, you have to choose four face-down cards that you think have the highest value than the ones in the dealer’s hand. The game starts just as you pick your card.

Double win

No matter whatever option you chose, the rules of playing a double arethe same. If both the players and the dealer have cards of the same value, there is a tie and the player gets to make another move.If the value of the card in player’s hands is less than that in the dealers, all the money is lost, if the player has a higher value card, he wins and can play another doubleslot joker123.