You Sure You Know the Mediocre Lottery Games in Europe and their Winning Odds?

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Whenever you google for the largest lottery games in the world, you would only get two results. There would be Mega Millions and the US Powerball Lottery. At this point, you start asking if these are the only two lottery games being offered globally. This is not the case at all, because although you can play US Powerball online in South Africa, and other parts of the world. It doesn’t mean that you can only play these games as the largest ones. Both, the US Powerball and Mega Millions are from the United States, but the European region is also known for offering many lottery games.

At present, there are several major, mediocre, and small lottery games in the European region. If it is the largest games in Europe, then you will be looking at EuroMillions and if small lottery games, then you will be looking at UK 49. However, today, I will be talking about the mediocre lottery games and how much they are demanded in the European region. These are the games that the Europeans love to play because of their odds and high opportunities of prize wins.


Launched back in 2012, the EuroJackpot has earned the respect and trust of millions of Europeans through is status in the lottery business. At present, EuroJackpot is considered as one of the largest lottery games in terms of transactional lottery. Players from different European countries such as Sweden, Spain, Czech, Finland, Germany, and many more love to participate in the game. 

The game is also available through the online platforms, which means that the international players have access to the game as well. According to the analytical team at EuroJackpot, if you play for a lottery prize at EuroJackpot, then you have 1-in-42 chance of winning it. As for the jackpot prize, the odds are 1-in-953,344,200.

France Loto 

France Loto currently has the title for being one of the oldest running lottery games in the entire world. The lottery game has been around for half a millennium, and it is still considered as one of the most prominent lottery games in the country. The game is known for making several millionaires in a single lottery draw, and has the title of making millionaires out of 7,000 lottery players within 10 years. 

One of the most attractive aspect of the game are the odds of winning the game offers. Surprisingly, the odds it offers are 1-in-31 for a winning, and 1-in-19,068,840 for a jackpot prize.

Lotto 6aus49

It is one of the oldest lottery games offered in Germany. The game was reportedly launched back in 1979 and it has been running flawlessly. The policies and prize structure the game has set up have been running since the game launch. The game boasts its policies and structures, revealing that it has only undergone a single policy change since its launch, which was back in 2013. The game is not only popular in Germany, but it is played throughout the European region. 

If you participate in the game, your chances of winning a prize other than the jackpot prize are 1-in-31. When it comes to jackpot prize, the odds of winning it are 1-in-139,838,160.

Double Euro Syndicate

The Double Euro Syndicate represents two major lottery games that have been combined in order to make it a single bundle for the lottery players. The Double Euro Syndicate game has the ability to offer huge jackpot prizes to the players. Playing the game, the players have the opportunity of winning jackpot prizes worth over €280 million. The particular game is potentially larger than the EuroMillions game. 

Surprisingly, the Double Euro Syndicate does not offer the odds for the lottery prize as well as the jackpot prize. However, the game is considered as one of the largest in the European region and most of the countries in Europe have access to this game.