Overcoming tilt in poker: get out of a handicap

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When we play 99poker we can have a bad streak or just a bad hand, whether we are good or bad players. In such situations, we are faced with tilt in poker, that is, a looping sensation in which we think that everything is going wrong and that we are out of luck. Many times, beating the tilt in poker will make the difference between a successful player and one who is not.

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The line between success and failure is very fine, so getting out of bad situations can make a big difference. Not always will everything go well! Especially if you are a good player, these tips to overcome the tilt in poker will make a difference. We all know play good hands well or enjoy when the math comes out, but it will not always be that way.

Overcome the tilt in poker knowing what we do

This would be precisely the first point to know how to get out of tilt in poker. Know what we are doing. One of the moments in which we can go through this situation is when in a hand of 70/30% in favor we bet big and loses. First, we must know that we are in a 70/30% situation, and be aware that the decision we have made is a good one. To overcome the tilt in poker we need to know that we are doing things right in the long run. If we do not know these numbers, or probabilities, or mathematics, the tilt is not our biggest problem.

In case you know, the best thing is to go back to your normal game, because you were doing things well, yes, adapting to your new ‘stack’. Yes, finally, we are good players but we have made a bad decision, knowing how to identify and improve it. Keep in mind that this will improve your game in the end, as you will not repeat the mistake.

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Back to our game

It is important to take stock in the long term. If in the end we were winning, the best decision will be to return to normality, assuming that we will have specific losses. Of course, you will have to adapt to having fewer chips. You will not play the same with 20 big blinds as with 200, of course. If you were losing in the long term, you have not had a ‘bad beat’ and your biggest problem is overcoming the tilt. What you should do is review your way of playing and definitely practices more.

Put the situation in perspective

If you are playing agen poker online in ‘cash’, look at how much money you have played in the last month. What does this defeat in perspective mean to you? If you win $ 2 a week and have lost 10 cents on a bad bet, and of these you have one a month, you should not worry at all. We can all get tilt in poker, but those who have a long-term hot streak will have less of a problem with it. Finally, if you find yourself unable to get out of this adverse situation, a quick and easy solution will be to stop playing. It is not mandatory to play in the worst situations.